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  • Husband Sues Wife Over a Donated Kidney

    Top 10 Absurdly Outrageous Lawsuits

    Some lawsuits are serious cases that have substantial and wide-reaching implications. Some are frivolous. And then some others are just so absurd that we have to wonder how these cases even made it before a judge. In this Top 10 ranking, we will be taking a look at some of the most absurd, baseless and […]

  • Books Still Matter, No Matter The Format

    It seems as though everything we do is on a computer these days. Just about everyone’s job involves a computer of some kind, and for some people sitting in front of a computer all day is all they ever do. Socializing involves computers- from social networking to text messaging. When it’s time to relax and […]

  • Game of Thrones - HBO Now

    HBO Now goes down during ‘Game of Thrones’

    Game of Thrones viewers went ballistic on Sunday night after HBO Go experienced an outage during the live airing of the popular series. The outage quickly led to anger as fans of the show took to social media to vent their frustrations. “I expect a FULL refund! This is completely unacceptable !!” tweeted @bobbinewman. “We’re […]

  • Ticketmaster

    Ticketmaster issues millions of free ticket vouchers

    Check your Ticketmaster account because you might have some free tickets coming your way. The tickets are thanks to a 13-year-old lawsuit against the company. The company said it would finishing sending out free tickets vouchers “on or around June 18.” The tickets affect US customers who purchased tickets on the service from?October 1999 through […]

  • Zika Virus

    Zika infections in the third trimester don’t appear to cause birth defects

    A study of Zika infections in Colombia has found no obvious birth defects when women become infected with the virus in the third trimester of pregnancy. “It’s somewhat reassuring that it looks like third-trimester infections aren’t posing a major risk of that very serious outcome,” said Dr. Margaret Honein, chief of the birth defects branch […]

  • Bill O'Reilly

    Bill O’Reilly stuns loyal viewers with strong stance on gun control

    Bill O’Reilly on Tuesday night took a strong stance on gun control that likely stunned many of his longtime viewers. Following the homophobic nightclub attack in Orlando, Florida, that claimed the lives at least 49 people, O’Reilly spoke out against weak gun laws in America. O’Reilly first criticized the left-wing faction for not standing up […]

  • stephen colbert donald trump orlando shootings

    Stephen Colbert used a swastika to explain Donald Trump’s campaign

    Donald Trump used the Orlando shooting as an “I told you so”?moment and that didn’t sit well with talk show host Stephen Colbert. On Tuesday’s ‘The Late Show’ Colbert was quick to unravel Donald Trump’s campaign in true Colbert style. As investigators were still determining the details surrounding the Orlando shooting, Trump delivered a speech […]

  • Rhapsody and Napster name

    Here comes Napster again

    Napster is making a comeback — in name only. In 2011, music streaming service Rhapsody purchased the remains of the once popular music sharing service. Napster was launched as a free music sharing site that became home to pirated music and was eventually shut down after facing dozens of lawsuits. The service helped consumers accessed […]

  • Disney increases security after US shootings

    Disney increases security as a result of Orlando shooting

    Disney has increased security at its Orlando theme parks after 49 people were killed and at least 53 others were injured in a mass shooting at a gay nightclub. “Unfortunately we’ve all been living in a world of uncertainty, and during this time we have increased our security measures across our properties, adding such visible […]